Re: Verizon told me they were going to waive my etf, I have it in writing, and now they are denying it!


I have been current on my bill even after the jump to T-Mobile. Last month I paid the balance in full, this month has the ETF fee, not due until the 15th of next month. You automatically assumed that I'm in default? my bill doesn't generate until the 15th of every month. This is the 20th. Nasty collection practices from the credit department, rude and threatening. My insurance was 7.99 a month, my monthly bill only went down 3.00 so I'd never noticed the change in service until I had gone to use the insurance. You are playing semantics with everyone reads their contract, how many pages of fine legalese print must a customer bear before it gets too overwhelming for even a lawyer to understand. The most important part is that as a verizon customer you are under arbitration, verizon court where you must trust them to make a fair, honest ruling. I can tell you already how that would turn out. 

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