Proposal for account owner alert if minutes are about to go over


I would like to formally propose some kind of alert system to the account holder as a requested option once the account goes over a certain threshold of use.    I say this because I have seen a number of really good members here (Lyn is one) who got stuck with enormous bills due to an adolescent in the home who got a hold of a phone and ran the bill through the roof.    


Yes, I know this is a child-parent discipline problem that a parent is responsible for but aside from that there have also been situations where an angry adult in the family has intentionally run up the account holders bill.   The account holder has no idea this is going on until a month later when an enormous bill shows up.


Verizon can simply provide an option for the account holder to receive some kind of personal notificiation once a certain level of minutes has been exceded.     That way they are on early notice that an overage in minutes is about to take place and they can take action with whomever is responsible in their household.    I think this would be a very helpful service for many and one that is not all that difficult to implement.

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