Re: Edge Plan is a RIP OFF!!


I got some so called junk "discount" off the payments of the device. I still end up paying an expensive amount for the phone! My upgrade was in 3 months! My phones were covered according to what I have been paying them monthly, but not covered in their eyes.

I value every dollar in my wallet and I don't need the newest versions of phones as soon as they hit the shelves. I just want something that functions well. I liked my plan where I was able to just keep my phone and upgrade after two years or use my insurance for what I was paying for if I had an issue. I was told that wasn't an option.

I was told by the employee who changed my plan that I should be getting a discount for signing up for something, but of course that never happened! "Yeah yeah pay over $100 for this accessory package and we will discount it if you sign up for this!" I never received my car charger that came with my expensive package, nor did I receive the discount I was promised. And when I went back in over this Edge issue I brought up the discount never being applied and that employee told me I should be seeing a gift card in the mail, which also NEVER HAPPENED!