Edge Plan is a RIP OFF!!


I'm so disgusted with this stupid contract! I keep calling and going to the store for months and no resolution what-so-ever. In the store they tell me they can't help me and I need to call customer support. I call customer support and I either get someone who doesn't get what in the world I am trying to explain, or they tell me I need to go to the store because they don't know what the situation with the employee who changed my plan was. I've been a customer of Verizon for very many years, NEVER missing or being late on one single payment, and I can't wait to get the heck away from this company, and take my hard earned money elsewhere!

I had two lines, both with Galaxy S3 phones. One decided to start giving errors for no reason. They could not figure out the issue at the store. Claimed it was some kind of system issue. The employee said I needed a new phone, and that it was a VERIZON error with the phone. I asked the employee about the refurbished phones with the warranty that I have been paying all this money towards for so many years. He informed me that the warranty didn't cover that anymore and I either had to switch to the Edge Plan or just sit around with a broken phone until I was eligible in 3 or so months. Really?! I've only replaced ONE phone over 5 years ago through my warranty and I can't use my insurance that I have been paying all this money over the period of all these years for? How does that work, Verizon?! Come to find out it is covered! I get on the Verizon Wireless website and it is indeed listed under the warranty; however, that doesn't matter though because nobody at Verizon will help me anyway. It's just a vicious cycle of telling me I need to call and visit my local store.

Then after giving me no other option, I was pretty much forced into a corner to get on the Edge Plan to remain a customer with a working device. Not only that, then I have to give up a device I PAID FOR to pay you just to borrow one?! Where is the logic there? Why am I giving you guys a phone I paid hundreds of dollars for just to pay you more money for something I am borrowing? Why are you getting my property for me to get onto this new horrible plan you're forcing me into? Nobody is paying me for MY phone! I owned that Verizon!

Now come to find out...

"After 30 days, if you've paid at least 75% of the Edge device, you'll have the option to Edge Up to a new device without any upgrade fees."

WHAT?! How does this even make sense, Verizon?! If my math estimate is correct, $30 or so dollars a month towards the device on the Edge Plan does not come anywhere near 75% in a 30 day period. Verizon, are you telling me for an $800 phone I would have to pay out of pocket $600 to upgrade after 30 days? Or one of you new disgusting upgrade fees, where it cost just as much or more to upgrade as it does to be a new customer? How you value your long time customers, way to award them for being loyal and paying you so much of their money! Oh the things they'll never tell you when they are twisting your arm!

I'm really sick and tired of trying to find a solution and just being bounced around. I'm seconds away from contacting legal advice and switching providers! Way to treat your loyal customers of many many years, Verizon!

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