Re: Why does Verizon Penalize Long-time Customers?


Hi Lasina, thank you for reaching out.

I didn’t get a new number, but I was presented with the full paperwork.

I'm not sure how you can restore my trust in Verizon. First of all, they blew me off in the store - told me I needed to contact customer support. My expectation was that speaking to someone in the store was one of the customer service options.

Once the Target employee listened to my needs, he actually got me to upgrade my phone. When I called with questions regarding the $40 I was charged to activate the new phone. After asking to speak to a supervisor, I was put on hold, and the agent came back to me with this stupid option about how they'd refund $20 and then give me $2/month to make up the difference.

At this point, I asked about my cancellation options - since I called immediately when I got the bill. I was told I was 3 days past the opportunity to cancel my contract altogether - unless I want to fork over $350.

I am open to whatever options you have to attempt to restore my faith in Verizon, but my Customer Service experience so far isn’t promising.

What do you propose?

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