Re: Why does Verizon Penalize Long-time Customers?


I'd have to agree.

I went to a Verizon Store and spoke to one of the folks there (Cordell at the Finley Square location), and he told me he couldn't help me, I needed to call Customer Service - I guess expecting CS in a Verizon-owned store is too much to ask for.

I went to Target to sign up with a new carrier (I wasn't under contract), but the person in the store actually took the time to help me, got me to upgrade my phone and sign a new 2-year contract.

Lo and behold, I get my new bill and it has an activation charge on it.  I figure after the effort I had to exert to remain with Verizon, they'd waive it.  Bottom line is that by the end of the discussion, I was asking how I could cancel my contract since I was in the same billing cycle as the change.  The answer was, for $350, since I had not done it within 14 days.  Of course, there was no detail of what additional charges provided until after the 14 days.

My bad for expecting recognition of my loyalty to Verizon, or the fact they dropped the ball.  I'm not sure if I'll eat the $350 and go with someone else, or wait it out.  But it seems Verizon is going out of their way to show us they don't care.

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