Re: parental usage controls



Verizon Usage Controls DON'T Work With All Phones!!!  There is a list that is not available to the public at this time and very few customer service reps have the capacity to know it exists.


I feel so ripped off!  I bought my daughter a phone - an LG enV Touch.  We were not told that this phone wouldn't work with the

usage controls.  I asked.


When I set up the usage controls, some worked but other's didn't.  I called and after a couple of FRUSTRATING hours on

Verizon's rabbit hole phone system, I was told that the phone I bought for my daughter didn't support usage controls.


So, now I have a two year contract on a phone that I've had to suspend because my teenager is having issues with her mother

and will run up my bill to get back at me for making her clean her room.  This is what I thought I was preventing when I bought this phone from Verizon in the first place.