Re: parental usage controls


We recently signed up for "Usage Controls".  We tried to use the service for the first time this evening.  We were dismayed to find that the trusted numbers feature is limited to numbers on our account.  That renders this service useless to us and probably many others. We have a fifteen-year-old 3,000 miles away in boarding school.  We had hoped to limit phone and text messaging on school nights.  We needed to add phone numbers for the dorm head - who is an adult, the schools emergency number, and other family and friends.  If there were an emergency during our usage control period, our child could not reach anyone except the numbers on our account.  All of those numbers are 3,000 miles away.  We have cancelled our subscription to Usage Controls, but will gladly sign up again - if and when Verizon upgrades their technology to include additional trusted numbers.