Re: How can I opt out of the broadcast UID Verizon has been putting in all of my web traffic, austensibly to track me despite opting out of targetted advertising?

Verizon, I'm still waiting.  i've been a customer of yours for over 20 years, yet you still have not responded to my request.  I've received nonsense responses from one of yours on Twitter telling I can opt out on MyVerizon (not true), yet no information on how to remove the X-UIDH string from every single non encrypted URL I go to.  Twitter is matching these with login information. Nothing bad can come of this, right?  I want to either cancel all of my accounts with you, without any type of fee, or I want you to remove this flashing neon sign from my web traffic.  By the way, there is no difference between "collecting" and "disclosing" under ECPA.  Please advise ASAP, as every day I have a phone that is useless for browsing is another day I'm paying you to violate my privacy, and allow others to do the same.