Re: VZ and Asurion - Terrible Business Partners

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First I never claimed to be Verizon customer service.

and verizon has nothing to do with Asurian outside of billing to your account.

please Google the Asurian policy documents on the web or look at the one Asurian sent when you took the insurance.

my reply and factual answer to your post  had loads of merit.

read the document carefully. Once you used the insurance from Asurian the device is not under manufacturers warranty. The replacement is only from Asurian not from Verizon wireless

if you were lead to believe that Verizon had to ok another replacement for the faulty one Asurian sent you are totally incorrect.

Read the insurance documents and you would have known it is between you the insured and Asurian

verizon replaces a faulty device not broken device in accordance with the manufacturers one year warranty.

again Asurian covers everything else.

Good luck