Re: SO FRUSTRATED!! Network extender for "The Best Coverage"??


Who exactly told you that your phone would work inside your home? VZW will never promise that your phone will work INSIDE of any structure. If you can get them to send a technician out to your location they can test the signal outside but if the find it to be sufficient there's nothing that can be done. You may live in a place where you are too far away from any tower and your township may not let them put up a tower to cover it. You can lobby your township for that.

I don't recall suggesting using your husband's work phone. What I believe my suggestions were were to check into Magic Jack or Ooma or get home phone service through your cable/internet provider. My guess is that you may have this because the triple bundle packages are usually the better deal. Or you can switch to AT&T because you already know that your husband's AT&T phone works where you'd like it to.

As for your financial penalization I can only say this. VZW has a 14 day return/exchange period. Did you not realize that your phone didn't work in your house during those 14 days? I don't get why this is an issue now 7+ months after you started service?