SO FRUSTRATED!! Network extender for "The Best Coverage"??


I chose Verizon after seeing that there was coverage in my area, metropolitan Milwaukee - 53211.

But guess what? THERE ISN'T. At my home, I can only get one bar, some days none, on rare occasions – two. On their map, it clearly shows there is coverage in my area. Not "partial coverage" – it says COVERAGE.

I contacted Verizon and they said they would "check on it."

Never heard back.

In the mean time, i have been borrowing my husband's phone (AT&T) to make calls when at home. I sequestered myself to making calls when I was on the road, because it was the only time I could get a signal.

So I called Verizon last week in desperation. After waiting 30 minutes to talk to a human, I was told I was in a "spotty area," and that I should purchase a network extender for $249. I was shocked. I PAY VERIZON OVER A HUNDRED DOLLARS A MONTH and can't make a call from my own HOME... and Verizon wants ME to PAY for this??

I waited another 20 minutes to "talk to a supervisor" who then offered me $75 off the price of the extender. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

Worst customer service ever. I'm still in shock.

So my choices are: A. Pay $150 for SERVICE I ALREADY PAY FOR or B. Pay $140 to BREAK MY CONTRACT and move on.

Verizon, i'm giving you one last chance before i cut and paste this experience on every single social site i can find. PLEASE make it right.You're making my life miserable and i'm going to do everything in my power to make sure others don't go through this as well.

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