Re: Filing a Complaint - Failure to Honor Promises


i would also file a complaint with the FTC website. I am ready to do the same thing after almost a whole week without my problem solved, between 3 chats and 5 calls I now have about 5 reasons for my problem and if any reason was right it would not explain why after about a year and a half i have a no more 4 g on my broadband. yes i am in an extended 4g area surrounded my 4g full coverage and decemeber 2012 started to get it on my broadband.. i got for the past year and a half 4g with 3 bars until march 29 this week i get 4 g no bars 10 minutes it drops first to 2g then 3g with 2 bars and everything freezees and can't do anything but shut off.. today i have to call the company i do at home work on my pc and tell them that i have to quit cause i can't get to the website. thank you verizon for al your help and excuses.. 10 tears of service with no coplains, problems in the past fixed in hours now nothing