Fraudulent Edge purchase


Has anyone experienced a fraudulent Edge purchase on their account? I hadn't even heard of Edge when I came across this last fall, but it's made me realize that Edge is totally a scam. An Edge purchase was fraudulently made on my account shortly after the program came out. I was getting charged a monthly fee for it, even though I bought my phone outright almost 3 years ago. I have made many calls, to billing and to the fraud department, but the monthly charge would keep appearing and I would have to call to have it removed. Earlier this year they credited the original Edge purchase amount to my account, even though I didn't want this - I just wanted the monthly charges to stop. No one explained it and what I would need to do. Bills came in with a $0 balance to pay, so I didn't pay anything. Then the monthly Edge charges started up again. I just want to be finished with the whole thing. I have no edge contract with Verizon but it's showing that the old iPhone 4S I have is an Edge purchase and is only half paid for. This is just wrong that I'm having to suffer through this. Verizon should be able to stop it and wipe the slate clean since it is so obviously a fraudulent purchase using my account. Or maybe Verizon set the whole thing up to gouge some extra money out of me. I'm completely fed up and ready to just close my account. I've been with Verizon for over 10 years. It's so shabby being treated like this. I've wasted hours on the phone trying to get it sorted out and I'm done. I would advise anyone NEVER to get in a contract with Verizon.

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