Re: A representative told me this is possible - switching phones w/o losing unlimited


I guess it doesn't let me edit my original post, I wanted to make this more clear.

Line A: dumbphone, no data plan, has an upgrade available

Line B: smartphone, unlimited data, no upgrade available

The plan the phones are on is Nationwide Talk Share 700.

The rep tells me that I can go ahead and do this: 

1. On the website, order the phone I want with Line A's upgrade (the dumbphone).

2. Once I get it, call Verizon and activate the new smartphone on Line A. (my question is, won't I get saddled with paying for a data plan?)

3. Now, switch Line A's phone to Line B.

4. Reactivate the dumbphone to Line A.

I see many things in this forum saying it can't be done, and many people arguing you can. Even the reps at Verizon say yes, it will work.  However, I am reluctant to try it due to everything I have read here.

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