A representative told me this is possible - switching phones w/o losing unlimited


I called Verizon and asked them if I could use an upgrade on one of our lines, one that doesn't have unlimited data, and is a "dumbphone" - they said that I can upgrade it by choosing a phone on the site. My line with unlimited data is not eligible for an upgrade currently, but the dumbphone line is. They said to then call in to Verizon (they gave me their extension, where they work, and first name) when the phone arrives, and said we will activate the phone on the line without unlimited data, then switch the phone to another line on our plan which has unlimited data and return the dumbphone to the number it was before upgrading.

My concerns are: is this really possible? I do not want to lose the unlimited data. The rep told me it is easy and he would do it personally, and not to worry about losing my data.

My other question is - wouldn't activating the smartphone on the dumbphone line require a data plan, even if we only have it working for a few minutes on the dumbphone's line before switching the number to the unlimited data line? My concern is that I would be forced to pay for a data plan for 2 years on a line that doesn't require it, or have to pay the early termination fee, since the goal is to switch that new smartphone onto the line that has unlimited data currently, and put the old dumbphone back.

So far, every person at Verizon has said this is doable and not to worry about losing my unlimited. They say this plan will work; however, I am still scared to try it.

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