Re: Throttling of unlimited 4g

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The funny part is if the rule was not able to throttle 4G when the spectrum was obtained what changed that now makes it they can throttle it now?

They still have the spectrum (Verizon)?

Even at 25% or 35% or even more this constant statement of Verizon will simply drop unlimited out right is totally inaccurate.

They risk to lose millions of customers. They risk lawsuits and even though Class Actions are not allowed per ruling of the US Supreme Court, the ruling states in CERTAIN cases. They are still allowed.

The FCC and those certain cases; most likely will cause Verizon a heap of hurt and loss of revenue.

Of which like the fee to pay your invoice by credit card was quickly abandoned. So will the throttling or loss of it.

Verizon can as has been said do what they wish, but will they? I highly doubt it.

And "B" have a great weekend!