Throttling of unlimited 4g


So, as many of you likely know, Verizon will start throttling top 5% LTE data users in October that have unlimited plans:

Starting October 1, Verizon Will Include Unlimited 4G LTE Customers in “Network Optimization” | Droi...

While I applaud the marketing staff's efforts to deny that slowing the speed of LTE customers is throttling, and that the lawyers have made a very loose interpretation of what is considered "reasonable network management" to dodge FCC Block C spectrum rules (reasonable would be slowing down the folks that are, at the time of tower congestion, using the most bandwidth, rather than punishing top 5% unlimited data users who may not be using much bandwidth at the time of congestion, but have done so in the past during said billing cycle) , I figure I should prepare for the worst, since I do enjoy watching HD Netflix while traveling.

Is there anyway to sign a new 2-year contract with Verizon such that my unlimited data plan will not get throttled?  I don't want a new phone or upgrade, just a contract to ensure price stability, current plan, and no throttling.

Given I live in DC, there is plenty of congestion and I'm likely in the top 1% of data users given I push upwards of 40gb a month watching netflix (no TV, so phone gets it).

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