Re: Verizon Charging Money to Block Extortionists


Did you not see the part where I said I get these calls too? Or the part where both rcschnoor and I said it is not VZW's responsibility to control this? So say they do start blocking calls? What would you do if they blocked a call that was actually supposed to get to you? You'd flip out even more. There is currently no way for the network to discriminate against scam and legitimate calls. The intent of the call cannot be determined by simply ringing the phone. We all have these calls to deal with and the responsibility falls on the federal government not VZW. I am sorry to say but you have no complaint with VZW. They do offer you up to 5 numbers to block for free and, yes, you do have to reblock them every 90 days but I have never had a problem with this free blocking. Also most smartphones have the ability built into the software. These are your options.