Lied to by Verizon customer rep?


In my thread earlier, I asked about why I never received a confirmation number for my early upgrade order I placed over the phone yesterday. Well, no charge was put on my debit card either and I was told by the rep (did not get her name, all I know is eliminado) from yesterday that my new phone would be delivered by Wednesday. I gave the rep all my information (e-mail address, address, phone number, debit card number for purchase, etc..) and went through all the steps to complete the order. I agreed to pay for $215 for the phone and she told me I could do a 6gb limit plan at the same I price I had been paying for unlimited data (cannot get unlimited after upgrading). I accepted the terms and service. Talked to her briefly with a few more questions then ended the phone conversation with her saying bye. I then received a call from Verizon having me complete a survey on my satisfaction with their customer service. I gave the lady a 10/10.

NOW, I called Verizon today after I realized I never received an e-mail for my tracking number. The new lady rep (her name was Vachanta) told me that for some reason, my early upgrade was REJECTED. Now, this completely contradicts everything I went through with Verizon yesterday and the rep from yesterday told me from the beginning that her supervisor APPROVED my upgrade. Vachanta could not give me an answer as to why this happened. I was absolutely steaming. Let me preface by saying that I was not mad at Vachanta personally, just mad at Verizon for what was going on. We decided to start the order again since the one I did yesterday never went through. This time, she tells me that my phone (the SAME phone) with the 2-year service plan would end up costing me $247 instead of the $215 I was supposed to pay! She tells me that this included an upgrade fee, something that the rep yesterday NEVER told me about. Her explanation was that the rep likely forgot to address that to me. I'm a little more than skeptical at this point. She then goes on to tell me that they did NOT offer any 6gb limit plans and that the rep from yesterday should not have offered that to me. Vachanta offered me a 2gb plan at the same price I have been playing, or a 5gb limit plan which would better fit my usage history. I went with the 5gb plan, but am not going to be paying $15 more a month than the apparent fake 6gb limit plan I was offered yesterday. She told me about the 'more everything' plan that is something I might consider but I'm not the account holder so I didn't go with it at the time.

Anyway, I want to know if anyone has been through a similar situation with Verizon. I am just speechless at what I've been through with their customer service and I feel completely lied to by this company. The only reason I have stuck with Verizon is because of their coverage and I am in a family plan that lets me pay less than if I were to sign up with another company on my own. But after this, I'm absolutely going to be considering another company after these next two years. I'm very concerned about the order I placed yesterday too because I'm worried I may end up being charged twice! I hope someone from Verizon reads this and they reconsider their business practices. As if I'm not ****** off enough by not being able to continue to get unlimited data at the same price I've been paying for the past 4 years.

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