Re: Complaint about Verizon "Free Tablet" promotion

I got caught by the notebook scam, too.  In July, I went in to the Verizon store in Greenwood, SC to put my daughter's phone on the Edge program.  At the end of the sale, the sales clerk started pushing the tablet.  I told her several times I wasn't interested.  She went on and on about it.  The notebook was on sale for $50.  She asked me what my hesitation was and I told her it's the money.  She said she'd reduce the notebook by 1/2.  Then, she begins to lie to me.  She said that there was not a month-to-month charge nor was there an activation fee.  She said that it would only go against my data usage, but I could use it on my wireless network at home.  So, I agreed.  She had me sign her tablet a couple of times and THEN, she stated that there was a $70 restocking fee on the tablet if I returned it. A few days later, I received my bill with a new phone line ($10 per month) and an activation fee ($35).  So, I went back to the Verizon store with the notebook and my bill in hand.  I had not even opened the notebook.  It was still sitting in the bag that they gave me.  The outcome was: It was still in the 14 return window, so they took the notebook back.  It was outside the 3 day termination window, so I had to eat the $35 activation fee.  I argued and argued about the $70 restocking fee (since, you know - I was LIED to about the terms AND I had a witness with me).  The manager eventually dropped it to down to $35 restock fee.  Verizon is becoming the used car sales people of the wireless provider world and they really do not care about anything other than making money.