Re: Complaint about Verizon "Free Tablet" promotion

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Some people are passive type b personality and can take the low road even when set upon by pushy sales people.

My wife is very passive in that she stops for people who go up a supermarket aisle on the wrong side, or who block the whole aisle. However being I am very type A and I don't yield to anyone I simply push the cart out of the way or tell the person to get out of the way.

In stores the hard sell works for these types of persons. They don't want to hurt the sales persons feelings or think if they don't buy something that person loses their job. My take however is I don't care, I like you purchase what I want and not something I don't need from sales people

My wife is amazed at how I tell them to get lost until or if I need their assistance. Shopping is much more pleasant that way Smiley Happy

The other aspect is in many of these Verizon situations it is lying to the customers. They tell them you need a screen protector, you need a case, you need a car adapter, you need a Bluetooth ear piece. Some will lie and go as far as telling a consumer that they cannot sell or won't sell the device unless you have the package.

It does not stop there. The sales people also place insurance on the device, or tell you that you need visual voice mail, or that you should change your plan to a higher tier plan. It is dishonest pure and simple.

I feel no sorrow for lying sales people. They make the legitimate sales people look bad.

Good Luck