Re: Non-Corporate Verizon Stores shouldn't exist...


I couldn't agree with you more.  I have had a nightmare experience having purchased both an iPhone 5, the extended warranty for the phone,  and a Verizon Wireless Landline phone device from a non-corporate Verizon store.  I didn't even know that any of these Verizon stores out there are not owned and run by Verizon.  Each time I have had a problem (with my phone, Landline device, warranty) I am always told that either I have to deal with the non-corporate store, who always tell me that either they can't help me (with my iPhone technical problem) or help me understand why the Landline device I thought was a one time $35 charge turned into a $20/month charge with a 2 years contract.  I was so furious I paid $170 fee to get out of the contract completely.  Now they won't even refund me the $35 dollars for the Landline device.

These non-corporate stores are sharks who treat the customer (who like me spends $1000 or more a year) as if we are nuisances once the sale is made.  Verizon might have good phone coverage but I feel so abused by this non-corporate Verizon store I am seriously considering leaving Verizon at the end of my contract.  Verizon should make it crystal clear when you enter a non-corporate store you are buying from a third party, even though the store looks exactly like all the other corporate Verizon stores out there.  It is a shame that the positive experiences I've had with the corporate part of Verizon has been ruined by these third party stores who only care about making a sale instead of supporting the customer through the lifetime of your Verizon product ownership.

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