Re: Non-Corporate Verizon Stores shouldn't exist...


Yes, thank goodness you have a franchise Verizon to take your money and information and sell you phones at a higher price than advertised by the company. I don't care what you can't fathom, personally. You're laying it on a little thick, and it's easy to see through your "Verizon good at&t bad" rhetoric.

It's despicable that a company would allow franchises to raise the prices upon their own discretion, and I think it's even more questionable that it happens to be the only Verizon store in a semi-rural area where it is the only option for most people with Verizon here.

Finding out about the change in data policies was a shock considering I wasn't made aware in 2012 about it and having the desk worker tell me it wouldn't matter in June. Why would she completely fabricate that if she hadn't been informed that there would be no more unlimited data in June?

I know these aren't really specific questions, but I wanted to let people in the Verizon community aware that their local-small-town Verizon may be over-charging them for phones that come at a standard lower price and for no reason other than their location and they should ask if their store is a franchise or an actual Verizon store. Obviously I'm not talking about five or ten dollars, I'm talking $100 difference which is a lot for me, even if it's not to some.

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