Non-Corporate Verizon Stores shouldn't exist...


Background: I have had Verizon since 2010. I upgraded to an iPhone 4 in February of 2012 at my local "Verizon" store no problem. I am the type of customer that gets a phone on a two year contract and keeps it to avoid extra charges because, frankly, I'm on a budget. I also have cut down my bill as much as possible by going with the 450 minutes and eliminating text (charge per text) but I kept my grandfathered unlimited data because I am constantly on the internet. I went back to the same store today to upgrade my old iPhone to a LG G2 that I have been eye-ing online.

I go into the store and ask the person working to tell me exactly how much it would be to upgrade my iPhone to an LG G2 today. She put my information into the computer and disregarded my question, but instead asked me how much data I use. I told her I wasn't sure, and she assured me that I wasn't even using 1GB and that I should change my data plan. I insisted that I wanted to keep my unlimited data plan to avoid overage charges when she informed me that if I wanted to upgrade ever, at all, I would have to change my data plan. She proceeded to tell me that it wouldn't matter if I decided to do it now, but in June of this year, I would be forced to change my data plan, as Verizon was getting rid of "unlimited" data. I was a little confused at this point, and I asked her again to tell me how much money it would cost for me to upgrade today to an LG G2 - so she scanned one in a box and told me it was going to be $150 for the phone alone. I told her I had been studying up on Verizon phone prices and she was incorrect, and Verizon advertises the LG G2 at $50 on their website. I even used my old cracked iPhone to show her on the official website the LG G2 priced at $50 when she stopped me and informed me that the store I was in, and have visited multiple times, was not a true Verizon store, but a franchise and that she could not uphold the official Verizon prices, and that if I wanted the phone in that store at that moment, I was going to pay $150 for it.

Why would a Verizon store be able to take my money for payment, see all the information about my billing statements, my social security number and what-not, and not tell me that they are some sort of "knock-off" Verizon store? If they're good enough to take my money, they should be good enough to uphold Verizon prices and policies, and it's a shame that Verizon lets this happen. I am very seriously considering switching carriers at my own expense over this.

Why do non-corporate stores exist? Can I never have the LG G2 with unlimited data?

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