Attn. Verizon Customer Service!


I have been in the UK for almost a week and have been unable to get a SIM Card to work with my Verizon iPhone 4s. I have no service whatsoever which was news to me as I was told that I would still be able to call and text internationally just with much higher rates.  I'm basically walking around with an iPod touch. I would like very much to get in contact with someone from Verizon, however since I do not have a number to call, this is impossible.  I am unable to activate my supposedly unlocked phone using a UK SIM card and have been astounded at the lack of resources Verizon provides their loyal and reliable customers on this matter.  If anyone knows how to get in touch with Customer Service or anyone at Verizon who could help that would be great or if someone from Verizon reads this that would be much appreciated. 

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