Re: IDEA - $30 Upgrade Fee Resolution
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Although I agree that customer loyality is fine, and in the past perks were passed on. Such as the extension of your contract with a reduced device after a year and the new every two etc. You have to realize the customer based was built up on these perks.

Now that they are the largest carrier Verizon feels that on their build out, and having service where the others are still not even close to going, the 4G LTE available in more places it is no longer necessary to try and keep your business.

Being the largest provider they know at the moment if you switch providers the odds are you will return and pay for that coverage. Since I pay full price the perks don't really apply to me. I can tell you I have one line on T-Mobile and coverage in the city and in my home in the suburbs is excellent better 4G in fact than our Verizon 4G service. Which alternates between 3G and 4G constantly. And my iphone at 3G anywhere is slow and choppy. But I have unlimited data, but what good is unlimited if I cannot use it?

Eventually when there is 100% coverage Verizon will have to compete to keep your business. Remember Cellular One started before Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile. And today they are second named as AT&T.