No service at home

We live in Bellevue, NE, in a hilly area.  Service here has never been good, so we purchased a network extender.  That worked fine for a year or so.  Now, no coverage again.  We've called Verizon time and again, started tickets, etc but no one has given us a solution.  Well, other than "unplug the extender, unplug the modem, then plug them back in".  Not helpful as it didn't work.  Any of the times.  The NE is working fine, so it must not be able to pick up ANY signal.  Now, I've found out that Sprint quit leasing the local  towers, so that has to be why no coverage. 

Any solution, Verizon reps?   What cell tower coverage do you  have in the 68005 area?

I have a cell phone to cover long distance and now can't call anyone from my home.  It's ridiculous to have to drive to the grocery store and sit in my car to call my family. 

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