Re: customer service help?


verizon has 80 million subscribers. if they cut a 5 dollar credit to each (not alot of money, right?) it would cost them 400 million dollars.


im not being sarcastic... im being real. i dont understand why everyone cries when verizon wont fix a problem they didnt create!


if my kid scratches the side of my new car, should the automaker be responsible for helping me get it fixed? no. verizon is a business, and are out to make money... not friends. you talk about them making a small concession, but have you made any to them? sent an extra 5 bucks in your payment? no? well you are right, they should give give give to you, because you are such a loyal customer. im a "loyal" customer too. i'm also a loyal customer to wal mart. do you think that if i went in there and bought something i didnt need i could get them to refund half my money? think the convience store i go to for milk 3 times a week will give me a free gallon because i always go there?



no disrespect intended, but verizon doesn't owe you anything, regardless of what your sense of self entitlement says.