Received MMS messages compressed to 30KB - on my line only.


This started about 2 months ago, no changes to my device (HTC Rezound) or my plan.

Suddenly, any time I RECEIVE a MMS picture, it is severely compressed down to about 30-31 KB.  I can send out 2+MB MMS and they do not compress on the recipient's device. I even tried sending myself a picture through MMS....went out about 2MB, came to me as 30KB.

A few days ago I upgraded to the Galaxy S4 and expected the weird MMS compression issue to be resolved, but no, it continues even though I'm using a different device.

I sent a 2MB pic to my husband (on the same VZW plan) and he received the full 2MB's just my line.

I've tried using the stock messaging app and GOSMS - doesn't matter. Toggled Wifi on/off - no difference. I'm in a full 4G area too. Sender's phones are all different - Rezound, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, etc....doesn't matter, they all compress upon receipt.

I've seen people complaining about sending compressed MMS, but nothing about receiving compressed MMS pics. Help please!

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