Verizon coverage ... has it deteriorated over time?


Can you hear me now?

I chose Verizon as my wireless service provider more than ten years ago based on their wide range of coverage throughout the U.S. I remember standing in the store looking at all the service providers' maps of coverage and Verizon was hands down the most comprehensive, so I went with them way back then and have stuck with them all these years, even through a couple of troublesome times in terms of service and billing.

In the past couple of years I've noticed more and more lapses in coverage. When I bought my house six years ago here in a central (not rural) area of Colorado, I had decent Verizon service in my home (usually three bars), but it's gotten worse and worse this past year -- one or two bars, if I'm lucky. And now barely one. Today it's been none at all. I missed a super important work call tonight as a result. Should I change providers???

I heard from a friend that there is a way to dial in and get your phone aligned with the closest cell tower, but I've been searching this site for the past hour and cannot find instructions on how to do that. Verizon chat service is apparently not currently available.

Glad I still have my Comcast land line connected...

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