Fee fraud and deception pattern


Deception and fraud seem to be woven throughout Verizon business practices. Beware! Deception 1: People respond to posts with fellow customer-type names like Ann154 or flutterfly8497, but they are working for Verizon as the first line of Verizon deflection of complaints.  Deception 2: A store labeled Verizon Wireless wireless, selling only Verizon products and using only Verizon logos, is still a 3rd party store just like Radio Shack or Costco, allowing Verizon to duck out of responsibility for errors. Deception 3: A Verizon Wireless wireless store that is a Premium Retailer, authorized to charge upgrade fees, still shields Verizon from responsibility in the event of (apparent) mistakes. The Premium Retailer I bought a phone from listed 'Upgrade fee' on my receipt, and showed $0.00 as the fee. I then had the fee sneaked onto my bill by Verizon.  Fraud: The fee was disclosed to me on my receipt as zero. Verizon then charged me for it. They claim this is the (Premium) retailers mistake. I paid, I sighed a receipt that said zero. This was not a failure to disclose. It was fraud to state zero, and then be charged.

I have written by mail to Verizon, I have gotten into cumbersome communications via private messaging with an identified Verizon rep, I find more layers of deception and bad business practice.

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