Unlimited Data if I switch phone?


After reading a few of the threads here, I have learned that I can keep my unlimited data plan as long as I pay full price for a new phone instead of upgrading my plan. My question are:

1. Am I understanding this correctly?

2. I have an iphone 4. Can I only upgrade to an Iphone 5? Or can I upgrade to another android phone such as the galaxy?

3. Can I purchased a used one on ebay or something or do I have to purchase it through Verizon?

4. When I do this, do I keep my old phone number?

Any help is greatly appreciated. I HAVE to keep my unlimited phone data as that is our family's only option for us to do any video clips at all. The only home internet we are able to get is a Verizon mifi hotspot which is capped at 10 GB/mo. For a family of 9, with kids who need to watch video clips for school, this is so frustrating. We already exceed it each month without watching any videos. So my unlimited phone plan is our only option...


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