Internet Connection Interfering with Verizon Network Extender?


I was furnished with a LG network extender by my employer because Verizon coverage in my home is poor. My bars went from 0-2 to 4-5 in an instant which was great! No issues there.

As a reminder, the network extender is connected to a router (Westell router, my DSL provider is Centurylink) per the setup instructions. What seems to be happening is that when there is a lot of data usage across my home internet (for example, I am running a web conference or Netflix is streaming) I get a lot of interference on my phone. Voices (including my own) cut in and out and sometimes a call will drop due to insufficient network coverage.

What's going on? Is this a Verizon issue (network extender not able to handle all the data) or is this a Centurylink issue (I need to up the bandwidth)?

Any thoughts or advice? Thanks!

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