Incorrect Information by Verizon Rep leads to High Overcharges


On June 15 I called customer service  to add the Mexico/Canada plan due to an unexpected visit to Mexico. The rep I spoke with assured me of the details of the plan or so I thought.  He even suggested I turn off my data while in Mexico because it was extremely expensive. I then asked the rep about the rates for text messaging. I questioned whether it was going to be $0.50 per text and he ASSURED me that I wouldn't have to pay based on the plan I have. I even reiterated what the rep said back to him by asking that I would still be able to text as I had been doing while in the states. He stated I was correct. To my surprise I review my bill and the balance is over $1,000. They charged the messages.

I called customer service upon my return to discuss this and I was told Verizon wasn't liable for these charges. What frustrated me the most was that I asked to have the phone call reviewed and I was denied that request. I know the calls are recorded and it seems as if Verizon is only acting for its own benefit. The rep I spoke with today told me that they cannot review previous calls. They have to go based on what the reps note on my account. What if the rep put in what he should say to please Verizon policies but by lying he is screwing over the customer?!? I then asked to speak with a manager and was not transferred over.

I switched from AT&T because I had heard wonderful reviews about Verizon from friends, but definitely regret changing over to Verizon. I am extremely disappointed and WILL NOT be recommending this carrier anymore. Could not believe that no one was willing to work with me to resolve this, but instead was told that they appreciate my feedback and they care about me. The service I received today obviously said something different. I was  told INCORRECT information by their rep but they are NOT liable. I just don't think it's fair that they cannot even give me the benefit of the doubt whether or not the rep lied to me. I am the customer and if it weren't for people like myself there wouldn't be a business for Verizon.

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