Cancellation of Service of 1 line, and transfering all authority to the other.



I have a question about cancelling and military suspension of services (of 2 lines).

I left America about 2 years ago, and 'just in case' I go back to America, I maintained my line.

However, coming back to my home country, and right now working in Middle East, I doubt there will be any tangible chance of going back to USA.

After 2 years of paying to maintain my line, I came to a conclusion - to cancel my service. I cannot throw away more money for nothing now.

But the problem is my account on Verizon Wireless is MY number, and I have a brother using a line in the family package.

So, if I am to cancel primary number (let’s say primary, and my brother’s is secondary), can the account ID be changed to the secondary number?

Also, at the same time, my brother is going to the military service for 2 years. He needs to suspend his service for that period also - yet, he would like to maintain his number because he will go back to USA after his military service to finish his academics.

I need two have these three issues solved simultaneously.
To summarize,

   1.  Cancelling Primary number

   2. Transferring Account ID from Primary to Secondary number (with all authority)

   3. Long term suspension (military) for current secondary number

Can I achieve them all by calling to 1-800-922-0204?

Or should I solve them one by one with different means each?

Your help will be greatly appreciated.


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