Horrible Customer Service from Verizon and Anytime Assurian Insurance is a SCAM


I am posting this so everyone is aware how horrible the customer service has become at Verizon and the insurance replacement coverage offered.  Please read and BEWARE before purchasing this extended coverage as Verizon will NOT work with you!!

We have two phone lines and a tablet with service through Verizon and pad the anytime additional insurance through Verizon which is supposed to cover standard insurance PLUS extend the manufacturer warranty.  If the defect is due to manufacturer defect, then the replacement is supposed to be covered without a deductible.

So now, the recap of the horrible experience we have been through .....

My husband has an Iphone 4s that had the power button on the top of the phone fail.  The button does not press on/off correctly.  He contacted Verizon and they put him through to the diagnostic time to approve or deny the replacement under the extended warranty.  He contacted the tech and described the problem.  The tech advised him to check all of the water indicators on the phone.  The top one for the headset jack is slightly pink and the other indicators are completely white.  The tech advised him they could send him a replacement phone and then he would send in his old phone for evaluation and he would know in about 6 weeks if he would be charged a deductible.  He then spoke with Kiera (sp??) who advised him to have the phone checked by Apple Genius Bar.

He took the phone to Apple.  They advised the phone is in great condition and that if he had purchased the extended Apple Care instead of Verizon's Assurian Insurance they would cover it with no deductible.  The stated the reason the phone was not functioning was clearly related to a manufacturer defect and wrote on their assessment paper they gave him that the phone is in great condition.  They stated by indicated that water damage is indicated by all three indicators being tripped -- NOT just the top one.  The rep then walked outside with my husband and said it's raining so Verizon would now void the warranty part and make him pay a deductible since Verizon is being nit picky.

We then went to the local Verizon store.  The rep and the store manager looked at the phone and stated the top is tripped so the insurance department will call it water damage and not honor the manufacturer defect.  I stated that it seemed like they were finding a loophole out of the insurance coverage for the extended warranty part and making the customer pay a deductible.  The  manager then stated "other carriers would screw you the same way."  REALLY -- THAT'S THE CUSTOMER SERVICE WE PAY INSURANCE FOR???!!!!!????

So, we called and spoke with a really nice customer service rep (Suzette) who stated unfortunately it was not her department but that she would send a message to have Kiera call us back.  That was a week ago and NO CALL BACK FROM KIERA.  Again, this is the customer service we pay for???

So, we called today and spoke with another rep and a manager.  The manager again stated we could send in the phone and it's 50/50 if they will charge the deductible.  She stated Apple should honor even though he is outside Apple Care if it is their defect.  I asked isn't that what we pay them for??  She stated they will look at the indicator and call it water because she Googled it --- apparantly Google knows more than the Apple Genius Bar on their own product!  I even offered to fax the paperwork from Apple.  My husband offered to send them the phone and have them evaluate it before they send out the replacement so he's not taking a risk on paying the deductible.  I asked the manager to email me her contact info.  She indicated she would ... 2 hours later, no email. 

So, my husband that is up for an early upgrade but wants to wait until he's eligible for the Edge program (in which he would pay unsubsidized prices for phones to upgrade early -- and give them more money for phones) is stuck with having to decide to continue to use his prior phone that works or risk having to pay $200 for a deductible because they have stated they will look at the indicator and even if it's unrelated, call it water damage.

We are seriously looking at cancelling our coverage and just going to another carrier.  Because in the end, phones and service are similar, so you really pay for the customer service you get.  Or in this case, the lack of follow up, loopholes in their program, and lack of customer service.  I am thoroughly disgusted that I have paid Verizon for their service for 10+ years and have always paid for insurance without ever having to use it before --- and this is what we get.

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