Re: Chaperone Questions




I have this same problem - leonard please help - I called and followed the instructions - even read them verbatum to the care person as well as a tech person - the tech person insisted that it cannot be done.  she kept telling me that they don't support chaperone anymore and that i will have to purchase a new phone.  This phone is for a 5 year old - i want him safe but he is not ready for a regular phone.  Clearly they just want to cell another phone.  any suggestions on how to get them to just activate the service.



Hola digshep,


What the tech person told you was incorrect. Tell them to get their sales commission on another customer. As you stated the MIGO is perfect for a 5 year old, and, can be purchased cheaply on ebay as good as new.


First select your device and tell the tech rep to place VISION CODE 72586 "Family Locator" on the phone you use.


Then, Ask them to give you the following feature on your MIGO phone: Vision Code 72588 "Family Locator Child for Migo"


If they do not do this, then escalate to their manager, as there are a number of such users, and there is nothing to prevent this from being available to you as well.


While it is true the rep will not support the Migo phone as an old device, there is plenty of information online about how to use it and set it up.


Sorry for my delay in replying