Re: Chaperone Questions


I just bough an older phone for my son and I want to setup Chaperone.  I have an LG VX10000 and he has an LG VX1000 (Migo).  The Chaperone child site for VZW 2009 states that the LG VX1000 Migo already has the child chaperone appl already loaded and therefore it will not need to be loaded.


I am having all sorts of problems getting someone to turn the service on for me.  VZW does not sell the Migo anymore, so nobody knows how to get this to work.  I have taken it to a store, online, and phone support.  Everybody thinks it is impossible to make happen, but the website says it can.


When I load the appl on the parent phone it says I did not accept the terms & condition agreement and sends me to the website. I go to the website and accept the terms and it tells me I do not have a child assigned to my account.


What can I do????


Eddies66 wrote:

The plan costs $9.99 per phone that will be monitored.