Re: Horrible Customer Service


For some reason the site wouldn't allow me to start a new discussion on my topic. I will respond here as I agree I have experienced horrible customer service. I have been a loyal customer for at least 15 plus years. At one time I had 6 lines on my account with my 4 children. I have given Verizon a lot of money through the years.

Recently wanted to upgrade my phones on our account. I patiently waited for my upgrade date to come about. Went online and picked out the phones we wanted. First issue that came about was when phones that were advertised for free were coming up as a $50 mail in rebate that I had to first pay for in advance then send in the rebate once I received the phone.

Started chatting with some one about family plans and asked as well about the mail in rebate. She didn't seem to get that I my irritation was with me having to pay for this up front so it's not truly a "free" phone. Finally figured out the family plans and really there are no savings with "share everything" It's $40 per line for a smart phone. Got so discouraged I just said forget it.

Next morn. after I calmed down I went looking again. Then noticed when I checked out there was a $30 per line "upgrade" fee. I again started chatting with a rep. I explained to her I have never paid this fee and feel as a very loyal customer I should not have to. She said it is a policy that was started in 2012 for workshops offered to customers. I explained that I don't use such workshops to figure out my phones and why must I pay for the use of  other customers. She said there is nothing she can do about it. If you go on Verizon's site it says "free workshops" That is not true!  I have 3 lines on my account. $90 I have to pay to upgrade my phones, that is just one customer. That turns out to be  A LOT of money for Verizon for a "free workshop".

I know this is long but I am very frustrated with Verizon's customer service. I agree they used to be really good now it seems like everything else there are all these hidden fees.