Re: Silicon Valley, home of the SLOWEST 4G LTE Verizon data speeds


@Arnett_VZW - Sure, I'd be happy to PM you with more details and a NRB#, but I am unable to find a method on this site to reply to you with a PM.

Status update: It's been 5 business days since reporting this outage and nothing has been fixed. 

No follow up call from customer service that was promised within 72 hours... 

Again, I wouldn't be able to stay in business if I ran it this way...

Had lunch near the AMC Mercado near Mission College in Santa Clara, CA with coworkers.  We repeated the same test using and found that area has the same horrible 4G speeds, even though we had 3-4 bars of signal strenght on our various phone models. I don't have the spare time to spend reporting this location too.