Re: Silicon Valley, home of the SLOWEST 4G LTE Verizon data speeds


So I called in to report this issue this evening since I figured this posting will not get anyone at Verizon's attention.

15 minutes hold time before speaking to a customer service representative.

5 minute conversation with CSR.

10 minutes waiting for connection to a tech support representative.

15 minutes for TSR to collect all the info for escalation to local technicians.

45 minutes total for a customer to simply report a service outage!!!  Really Verizon?!?!?  This is the best you can do?!?!

You do realize that you're making Comcast look like the masters of efficiency here as they've never made me wait more than 10 minutes to fully report an outage. 

New ad slogan: Verizon, the "Please Hold" Network