Re: Fact or fiction?




Thanks for your response.  We're hoping we can reach a

satisfactory explanation & thereby restore our trust in Verizon

Wireless.  The conflicting responses we got from *611 & Verizon Store

did little toward that end.


To answer your question:  We turn off the jetpack with the switch on top of the unit.  Prior

to 11/10 we were leaving it on all the time.  Since then, we turn it off

whenever we're not online.  We've been watching the data usage detail very

carefully and, so far, we've had no more huge data amounts since the 1.3GB

early on the 10th.


We’d be interested to learn if there is a simpler (perhaps

automatic) way to turn off the jetpack.


Also, a forum response suggested we may not even need the

jetpack since our iPhone 4 can be used as a hotspot.  When we got our iPhones, we understood the

iPhone 4 didn't have hotspot capability.  Which is correct?


We’ll look forward to your response.


Huguette & Richard