Fact or fiction?


We were on Verizons 10GB, 500 minute plan & had been using less than 5GB so we decided to downgrade back to 5GB.  Thats when we learned about:


It was $20 cheaper, so we took it.

Shortly after that, we got a data usage alert from Verizon & found wed been charged with a huge 1.4 GB at 12:41 AM the night before when nobody was using the computer.  We called Verizon Support & were told the time stamp was not the time of the actual data transfer, but the time the amount was entered into Verizons database (& therefore meaningless). The agent suggested it was probably from our activity the day before.

We had another unexplained 1.3 GB on 10/30 & limped through last week using less than .25 GB.

Our data clock reset at midnight Saturday and, lo & behold, another 1.3GB hit at 2:30 AM yesterday when everyone was asleep.

Yesterday, Johnathan at the Verizon store said Apple downloads huge OS updates to our iPhones & MacBooks in the middle of the night without warning or permission.  We dont believe this has ever happened.  Can someone enlighten us?  Meanwhile, our Jetpack stays turned off when were not online & were watching Verizons record of our GBs.

This inability to trust Verizons record of our data usage is unacceptable.  Mi.ve been happy with Verizon service and support for 10 years & wed hate to leave because of this.

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