Re: Poor Customer Service

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Those automated reminders, whether calls, texts, or emails, are made from a database of customers with past due accounts, etc.  If you make a payment or an arrangement and then receive a call or whatever a couple of hours later, it is only because the information has not reached all of there systems yet.  Sort of like when you get a bill that shows a past due balance, and you see on it, "If you have already made your payment disregard the past due balance. Thank you."  It isn't Verizon policy to abuse longtime customers, but if a balance is late (even if you have never been past due before), what matters is the payment that is.  I don't understand why people think a company is evil and greedy when they give reminders for payments that are late.  If you didn't get your paycheck, would you let it slide until your boss was able to pay? I think not.