Poor Customer Service


I have been a customer for twelve years with VZW. Have just had the most horrible customer service experience and would like to know who to complain to.

It began with a bill that is 10-days past due. I have excellent payment history, have not been late on a payment in years. I got a draconian email stating my account was in danger of a suspension because of the past due balance. I called customer service, got transferred and set up a payment arrangement to pay balance in four days. Then I got a text message I needed to contact customer service right away. The text message was sent after I made the payment arrangement and said my service was going to be interrupted in the next 24-hours without a payment or payment arrangement. I called customer service and asked for a supervisor to complain I had gotten the text message after I had made the payment arrangement. The representative put down her headset. I heard talking in the background. She was talking about my account with a male in the background. I could hear her reading the notes out loud, making comments and and were laughing because I was past due and wanted to speak with a supervisor. Yes, it really was that bad. The names of these fine folks were "Marquis" he said he was the "supervisor" and "Miss Thompson" in Norfolk, VA.

Any suggestion how best to escalate this complaint? I have never experienced customer service as unprofessional and demeaning as this. EVER.

As soon as my contract is up, I am looking for a new provider.

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