Had a terrible experience at one of these Verizon "retailers" stores.


I have recently been ripped off and conned by one of these shady so called Verizon Retailer stores.   The consumer has no idea that these places are fly by nights owned by something called Wireless Communications because they look exactly like Verizon stores.   This particular one is in Irmo SC on Broad River Road.  I thought I'd found the perfect little Verizon store to get personal service when I was finally able to purchase my first nice cell phone.  I went around singing their praises.  

The first sign of trouble should have told me to question them -there were absolutely no prices on any of the phones in the store.  Why?  So they can decide what to charge you.  I returned 3 days after purchase the $300.00 I Phone 5s I'd purchased on 11-27-13.  The fingerprint ID could not read my fingerprint, and I bought that model for the fingerprint reader.  They were immediately very unfriendly and said there'd be a $75.00 restocking fee, I protested this and they said perhaps they could work with me on that.  How they "worked with me" was to remove from my bag my I phone 5s 32, and place in it a phone which Verizon had been selling for $199.00 since  6 weeks earlier.  She did not ring up this transaction, probably so I wouldn't see the true price.  I asked if this replacement phone was $300.00 and she said yes, so it would be an even exchange.  What nice people - waiving the rip-off $75.00 restocking fee.  Yeah right.  I found out that very night that Verizon had reduced the price of this phone 6 weeks prior to $199.00.    It wasn't even any of that rebate crap; it was the everyday selling price.    I called Verizon customer service and they said their restocking fee was $35.00, but basically this outfit could charge as they see fit.  I told her I wanted all my money back because this place had the Verizon name all over it, they had lied and misled me and I wanted nothing else to do with them.  The next day I went in the store and they refunded my husband's card, BUT kept back the rip-off restocking fee of $75.00.  They even taxed me for this fee.

I am going to hire a lawyer and sue them.  - Verizon too if they don't make them return my money.  Don't put up with this crap folks.  That's how they thrive.

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