Why has LTE strength been so slow in Chattanooga, TN lately?


I'm definitely a long, LONG time customer, but I'm really not impressed by the LTE speed, or even the network as a whole lately. I have an iPhone 5 and love it, but it's not able to perform like it should unless I'm on wifi. It seems as if all the customer service reps deny any problems in the area and try to initially blame it on the device. Well, it's not just my phone that is getting less than 2gb of speed. Can anyone (hint hint verizon support) tell me why your network used to be the best and now you are slower than TMobile? I'm thinking about switching just for the speed of their network. I don't live in a remote area and I USED to have a very fast download and upload speed with at least full signal. Now, I barely have two bars (dots, bars, etc.) most of the time no matter where I am. I'll give most of the zip codes I am in for an extra push.

I do want a concrete answer and not a cover up/** answer. There's no reason I should be throttled and if I find out I am because I'm grand-fathered into unlimited data STILL, you are going to lose just more than me as a loyal customer.

You definitely know how to reach me and I would definitely appreciate some kind of acknowledgement or response to this as well as other customers in the area.  Zip codes are as follows : 37416, 37421, 37341, 37401, 37343, 37363, and all surrounding Chattanooga areas within 10-12 miles.


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