Re: Mobile Web Feature - What does it get me?

I was using Mobile Web under Americas Choice II and paid $5.00 per month plus minutes for data use.  When time came to upgrade, I wanted to replace my flip phone with a phone with a Qwerty keyboard.  I decided on the LG enV Touch which I like.  The only problem was that I had to change to a Nationwide Plan and get the $15 per month V-cast Pack so that I didn't get hit with data usage.  After using my phone, I am glad that I took the V-cast feature because I logged over 40 MB of data in my first week.  This included email, web browsing, two GIN apps, and two V-cast video clips (only about 5 minutes each).  If you plan to use your phone for email, I strongly recommend getting the Mobile Email application, as well, because Mobile Web Mail uses  IP webmail which is very frustrating to read or type on a small screen.