Most unreliable and irresponsible company!


The worst company and customer service! I Don't know how, but they added a tablet on my plan and after a month of calling customer service almost every day, they have only returned half of what they charged me! I am willing to pay all penalties just to cancel all of the lines on my account! I have been told that they will call me back every time that I called customer service, and for god sake it never happened. I have heard different lies from customer service and whenever I asked for a confirmation number or a confirmation email, they refused.

I don't have a tablet! Thanks to your security, someone else got a tablet on my plan! I don't feel safe with this kind of services at all!

How can I get my money money back and cancel all of my lines with this company? I was Verizon's customer for 5 years! This is the worst sevice that you can offer to an old customer!

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